Black Cat - FanExpo Toronto 2014 Pre-Show Commission

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jollytr asked:

Hehehe ... I don't think your hubby is the only one to think like that. The second one falls under the category of "boys and their toys" ;-)


Whew, for a minute there I thought he might be a comic genius with all his verbal antics. This morning at breakfast, I was paging through the latest Vanity Fair and commented on how beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was, his response almost made me spew coffee across the table. (Not that he has not made me do that countless times in the past already.) I’ve made a few notes in my notebook (which I carry everywhere) and will be using that one in a future funny. But it does not look like I’ll be running out of them to apply to Gisborne’s lips this year. :D


What a Guy Wants • Your life would be so much easier… + encore solution

Thanks for the reblog jollytr - I wonder if my hubs is the only man that thinks this way…these are two of his favorite things to say when I complain about something at work. On the other-hand, maybe I should not think about it too much.

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What a Guy Wants • Business or pleasure?

Friday night at the comic store adventure:
Right now I’m wondering if someone is fighting, although it is totally by accident, after closing up at work tonight, I was (still am) locked in the back hallway between our store and the closed salon next door. With a bit of luck, someone might be able to get here and let me out before tomorrow morning or before I turn into a zombie.

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RA Pocket Shrine 41/? - A Thank You


RA Pocket Shrine 41/? – A Thank You

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Ok, Guylty’s summer of navel-gazing is over. I bet you are as relieved as I am. What a bloody saga *sighsdramatically*I am closing the chapter on this fangirl’s individual psychosocial condition and happily return to non-personal shrining and *ooof*ing activities, occasionally laced with a bit of fandom love activism. To transition us in I present you a true work of fan-fan-fan art. A shrine that…

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guylty Hello!!! I’ve been buried in work and disaster cleanup; barely able to check in but for the hit & miss I do - so what a treat to see this post! Miss you and hope to get my life back soon to update.


Guy of Gisborne — (Part 16/?)

BBC Robin Hood [1x08 Tattoo? What tattoo?]

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I’d like to thank this volunteer for getting in touch with me. I’m glad to hear that things aren’t nearly as bad behind the scenes as I thought and it sounds like some people are willing to listen. We have to keep pointing out what didn’t work or we won’t improve this event.

katesmovies thanks for following up with this Katie



What a Guy Wants • You were all tongue!

Your Guy posts always make my day :D

ladyrinsaiyuri • I’m thrilled to read your response. Always hoping these memes are taken as intended, just for fun, laughs and smiles.