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James Garner with Diahann Carroll at the March on Washington 1963

CCI 2014 begins


I’ve been working on something and the first rule is: You don’t talk about it…

But Chuck Palahniuk talks about it here on USA Today:

I will be on the FIGHT CLUB panel with Chuck Palahniuk & director David Fincher this Saturday at San Diego Comicon. I will be signing the new MUSE art book (in ltd supply) at Century Guild booth# 2845 Wed-Sunday. And a signing with Chuck & the Fight Club crew on Sunday. I’ll be doing all the cover art for Fight Club (10 issues). Here is the teaser image… which may just be available as a limited edition print at the signing I’m doing with Chuck at SDCC. Shhh.

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#880 "My 12 yr old niece recently finished reading "The Hobbit" and decided to take up LOTR and asked me to (re)read it with her. As we were reading the "Fellowship" volume, we came to the scene of the creation of the Fellowship and the girding of its members. When we read how noble "Orcrist" now "lay on the breast of the great Thorin Oakenshield" who lies buried "under the Lonely Mountain," it caught my breath, the image was so powerfully lamentable. Then I thought, "Tolkien, you bastard."

Art by effix35

Nicely stated “Tolkien, you bastard”……

So much more comes to life the the Trilogy after you’ve read the Hobbit…
I cry harder now when I watch the Fellowship movie - knowing that’s Ori with the book… and Balin in the tomb. Dead. All of them. That Oin was killed by the Watcher. Just….

get the tissues.


Commission: Fight Club w/ David Mack’s Kabuki VS The new Batgirl design everyone is going nuts over. Tyler Durden in attendance!

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Another Five star review…although i wouldn’t call rich ‘Beefy’:/

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Linda Blair poses for the camera during the filming of an alternate version of the spiderwalk scene.

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Adam Brown on The Battle of Five Armies and Richard Armitage


Adam Brown on The Battle of Five Armies and Richard Armitage

Via on Twitter.

Huge compliments for RA in this Adam Brown Interview (4 mins): #RichardArmitage

— RichardArmitageNet (@RAnetdotcom) July 22, 2014

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