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Long day and a few inappropriate fun memes are just what I need before crashing for the night.

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Contrary to dad’s opinion, these are not vegetables.

Always good when someone finds something cool like Bart Simpson’s Tree House of Horror #9 from 2003.

Yes, we are open on Labor Day.

Today, the most bought comics have been Harley Quinn (shout out to Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Connor) as well as X-Files from IDW, TMNT, Doctor Who, DC Archives Wonder Woman Vol 5 and DC Archives Action Comics Superman HC Vol 1.

Yes, we are open on Labor Day. We are open pretty much every day of the year except for Christmas and Thanksgiving and sometimes we are open then too.


Try it—it’s true (found under images).

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Congrats on the 7 emmy wins, Team Sherlock! :)))


The ultimate office sandwich showdown. Empathy or hungry, you decide.


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pheebsw asked:

Mr. Gaiman, have you ever written a story you weren't excited about because you knew it would sell or receive positive reviews?




I’m hard to get excited about things. And I am very aware that a novel that takes 18 months to write is going to have days when you’re excited and days when it’s a grind and days when you wish you had a proper job that didn’t involve putting words down on paper.

I always think something’s a good idea when I decide to do it, though. And I try to remember that on the grind days.

Well said.


~ Happy 43rd Birthday Richard ~
August 22, 1971

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Kabuki & Scarab. Pencils by me, Inks by legendary Crow creator James O’Barr.


Scarab and Kabuki by David Mack